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Pressure Washing & Parking Lot Line Stripping

Pressure Washing Services



Wood Pressure Wash Restoration

Our team and professional pressure washing equipment remove, dirt, mold, mildew, old coatings and deteriorating wood fibers without further damage to the surface, decks, pergolas, wood siding, and any other wood materials.

We recommend our wood staining service after for better results and protection of your wood.

Property Exterior and Siding

Make your property exterior and siding look great and shiny by pressure washing them using a professional eco-friendly cleaning solution that removes all dirt, mold and impurities without causing any damage to the material.

We also offer a gutters cleaning service


Patio, Paving, Driveway and Walkway

Give a first great impression of your home by let us remove all the dirt, oil, tar, gum, and/or any other substance from the floor.

We recommend our clear and color floor sealant application to protect your concrete or stone surface from substance accumulating and growing into the pores.

We also repair and patch concrete floors.


Walls, Patio and Porch


Swimming Pools

We specializing in washing pools, pool tiles and pool deck.

Our pool washing process:

First we drain the water from your pool. Then, we remove any debris and trash from the bottom of the pool, we pressure wash the entire pool to remove heavy debris, dirt, algae and mold, we apply a mixing solution of water and acid combined to not damage your pool surface, we brush the entire pool with a heavy duty to make the acid solution to spread and work better, after few minutes we pressure wash the entire pool to remove the acid solution, and last, we refill the pool and ready to enjoy your new cleaned pool!

We also offer pool plastering and the new pol epoxy.

Swimming Pool Clean